Fees & Medicare Rebate

The good news is that for those suffering from a clinically diagnosed mental illness the Australian government has provided some financial assistance via Medicare. The scheme is known as the Better Access to Mental Health Scheme. Under this scheme, some clients will be eligible for a rebate of $117.65 for a 50 mins consultation for up to 12 sessions per calendar year. This scheme helps relieve some of the financial stress that can be incurred through seeking psychological therapy.

Schedule of Fees

Initial Consultation $170
Subsequent Consultations (50-60 mins) $150
Concession (50-60 mins) $130
30 mins consultation $90
NB. The APS recommended fee is $200 for a 60 mins consultation.

Accessing the Medicare Rebate

In order to access the Medicare Rebate, you will require a valid GP Mental Health Care Plan or a written referral from a psychiatrist. The consultation by your referring doctor must be completed and appropriately processed by Medicare before you are able to receive your rebate from Medicare.

In most cases, you will be required to pay the scheduled fee upfront. Once the payment is made, you will receive an invoice that you are able to take to Medicare to claim your rebate.

Method of Payment

Payment is to be made by cash, cheque or internet transfer. In exceptional cases, some clients may be bulk billed.