For Christians

Dr Linda Nguy is committed to providing care for Christians facing mental illness. While she is here to serve the wider community, she has a heart for providing therapy services to Christians that acknowledge the place of God in our lives. She seeks to uphold God's ways and God's values as she works towards addressing the challenges that are faced by those dealing with mental health difficulties. As Christians, we are not immune to the consequences of living in a broken world. Part of living in this world on this side of eternity is that conditions like depression, anxiety etc. (i.e. sickness) may affect us directly or via friends & family. The secular field of mental health research and training can help us understand some of the factors that contribute to illness (in the same way that other health research and training helps us understand other medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease) and teach us practical skills and strategies to help us to live out God's word in our lives.

As you face struggles with mental health, remember that we have a sovereign, loving and powerful God. We have the Holy Spirit here to help us. We also have the gift of salvation that provides a context to respond to life in a Christ-like manner. And we have the hope of eternity with God.

Together with many Christians around the world, Dr Linda Nguy upholds the following Statement of Faith.